Motorcyclists are 27% happier than the average motorist, new research from ING reveals.

The study has uncovered the therapeutic benefits of motorcycle riding, with eight in 10 (82%) motorcycle riders agreeing riding makes them happy, compared to only half (55%) of motorists.

More than half (51%) of motorcycle riders surveyed said the positive mental health effects of riding was the top reason for them choosing the biker lifestyle.

The release of the research coincides with ING’s new Motorcycle Insurance. ING’s Head of Wealth, Cathy Duncan said: “The research indicates that riding a motorcycle could be providing many with some of the same benefits of practices like yoga and meditation.”

Almost half (48%) of the motorcycling respondents say riding a motorcycle is a form of mindfulness that helps them de-stress , 41% say they love the sense of freedom that comes with riding and more than a third (34%) enjoy the fresh air and taking in nature.

The research found that Aussie motorcycle riders aren’t only benefitting mentally from their practice, they’re also saving time and money. More than one in three (36%) motorcycle riders say they love riding for: the convenience of getting around, the ease of finding a parking spot (35%) and saving money (34%).

These practical perks are proving an attractive recipe for Aussies that commute to work each day, who say they started biking because it helps them avoid busy public transport (26%) and is a quicker commute (27%). Even non- motorcycle riders can see the commuting benefits amid COVID-19, with a fifth (18%) considering riding a motorcycle as an easy way to get around and almost one in 10 (9%) believe it is a way to escape busy routes to work.

“The research suggests the pandemic has many reassessing their daily commute and how they get around. With price and convenience benefits along with mental health and wellbeing perks, why wouldn’t you consider it!” says ING’s Cathy Duncan.

The ING Highway Happiness survey also revealed:

  • Family, friendship and community: When asked why motorcyclists got into riding, many did so because of their friends or family (35%), with a quarter vowing to keep “biking” a family tradition (24%) and teach their kids how to ride (26%). What’s more, riders want to share their joy of riding with friends or their partner (43%).
  • Getting into gear: Motorcycle riders consider their riding gear their ‘second skin’ (36%) that gives them confidence on the road (47%). As many as 60% say their gear and leathers is more important than other personal belongings like their car, computer, phone, watch or wedding ring.
  • Parking pains: More than half of Aussie motorists (40%) find it hard or stressful to find parking, compared to just over a quarter (23%) of motorcyclists who often park with ease.
  • Top 5 Aussie motorcycling routes: 1. The Great Ocean Road (VIC) 2. Kangaroo Valley Southern Highlands (NSW) 3. Adelaide Hills (SA), 4. The open roads of Tasmania (TAS) 5. Palm Beach (NSW)

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