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Happy Volunteers at Happy Paws

Sally Rogers of Happy Paws Haven Inc at Eatonsville, has been operating the animal shelter for the last 15 years and over that time has had the assistance of hundreds of volunteers.

Ms Rogers said that there have been volunteers of every description helping out with the animals at the shelter.

“Some have come for a short period, for a holiday period, because they are doing a course or work experience, some are retired and some just want to give back to the community,” Ms Rogers said.

“Some do it to help out with mental health, PTSD or addiction issues.

“There are lots of really great ways we can help people (our volunteers) and they help us in return.

“Animals are wonderful therapy for a lot of people and if their landlords can’t allow them to have a pet, they can come and help-out here.

“Just the actual affects of stroking a cat or grooming a dog is very relaxing and calming for both the animal and the human – it’s very therapeutic.

“That’s why there are assistance dogs and companion dogs as well as guide dogs for the blind. The service industry has really grown because of the beneficial effects of owning a pet and if you can’t own one, what’s better than coming to help as a volunteer at an animal welfare sanctuary or shelter,” she said.

Sally said that it is incredible to see the change and difference in people, that have volunteered.