Czes Czarnota & Janelle Carpenter collect Yamba Vets Stableford wins

Monday May 25

Today saw 60 players (40 men and 20 ladies) compete in a Single Stapleford event and it was nice to be back with four people playing again.

The men’s winner was Czes Czarnota with 37 points after a countback from Noel Bushell also on 37 points.

The Ball Rundown went to 33 points and included David Barnsley, Terry Cumiskey, Bob Walpole, John Ralph, Ken Hall, Bruce Ziestch and Mike Shirlow, Ken Lillie, Doug Maling, Warren Hughes, and Greg Starr.

The women’s winner was Janelle Carpenter with 38 points after a countback from Leslie Love also on 38 points.

The Ball Rundown included Janine Ziestch, Meg Culmar, Leigh Robertson and Sandra Wallace.

The next Vet’s event in on Monday June 1. Keep the big fields happening.

David Barnsley