Bad Boys Brutish Behaviour clubs. What’s the alternative?

Dear Ed,

Here in Australia today on the corporate scene and both in Australia and overseas on the political scene, too many blokes in the Bad Boys’ clubs are still behaving badly. So is there now a better alternative?

Seeing that women have had the vote for many decades and it’s now the year 2020, what do you think of the idea of using some 20/20 vision and giving gender equity a go?

A Bad Boys Brutish Behaviour club appears to be making a total hash of running at least one of Australia’s major companies. But with gender equity replacing these failing company boards, you might well have, instead of failure, Excellence in Equality, Ethics and Empathy.

And we’re still a long way from gender equity in our major political parties as well.

20/20 vision and gender equity at last in the year 2020. What have you got to lose?

After all, the future is what you choose.

Harry Johnson, Iluka