May you live long and prosper!

Dear Ed,

I am just writing to say it is great that the Independent community newspaper is still being distributed.

I have internet access, but it is far better to “handle” the paper in a tactile way. Also, I am more likely to keep up with the local news by reading your newspaper, than going to the internet. I put it on the table and delve into it at random times, which I wouldn’t bother with via internet. In fact, I see more things in the paper edition that I would via electronic media.

Furthermore, I think it’s a great local paper which covers just what the locals want to know. Well done!

Also, maybe you have done it, I don’t know, but it would be good if you could put pressure on the Clarence Valley Council to resume the council street pick up. For some reason they have been spooked by COVID. I don’t understand the problem. Everyone has to handle things all the time. In any case, surely gloves would do the trick if they are so paranoid about it.

I notice that in Sydney where I spend some time the councils are doing pickups, even in so called hot spots, so why not CVC? Just a thought.

Again, thanks for “staying on the street” with your paper and to quote a fictitious Vulcan from times past; “may you live long and prosper!”

Steve Farrar,