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Yamba Squash

We are finally up to the finals a Yamba Squash Centre. It seems a long time coming but they are upon us. Monday night has the Banana team of Roy Ellery and Gavin Varley coming from third position to make the finals. They overcame the Fig team by seven games to six. The opposition for the Banana team has still to be decided between the Apple team and the Cherry team. At this stage the Apple team are one game in front but anything can happen in semis. The semis in Division 2 in the Wednesday night competition threw up lots of surprises. The Artichoke team of Philippa Hayman and Paul Goyma came from fourth position to defeat the second placed team the Cucumbers by ten games to seven. With matches even it comes down to games and then if that is still even it comes down to points so it’s important that players aim for as many games and points as possible when they step on the court. This was the case in the semi between the Dates and Broccoli teams. The Dates finished on top in the competition so were a little bit confident going into the semis but the Broccoli had other ideas. When all was done and dusted the matches were even and then games were even it was down to points and the Broccoli team of Helen Anderson and Brett Serjeant finished with 247pts to the Dates 244pts. Paul Tarasenko has been a very good fill in player for the injured Brett Serjeant and will play in the finals for Brett.’ Division 1 will be playing their semis this week with Tony McFarlane playing Kash Robinson and Michael Davidson playing Nick Gregor. For Kash this is a great opportunity to make the finals as Tony needs a fill in player due to a prior arrangement. Paul Smith will do his best as that fill in player but he does have big shoes to fill. A reminder to all players that everyone plays in the finals regardless of where your team finished. There has been a major change in the lead in the footy tipping competition. Paul Tarasenko and Julie Cutbush are sharing the lead on 50 points with Michael Davidson on 49 points in second spot. Michael has finally come to the conclusion that tipping the Dragons every week is not doing him any favours. As I always say “tip with your head, not your heart”. Susan Pilley