Round 7 – Saturday May 14 Iluka are on Canteen and Ground Duty please. NetSetGo (5-7year olds) with Tash 10.30am Court 5 Net Set Go at 10.30am: Court 1 – Maclean Devils v Breakers Jets Umpire your own; Court 2 – Breakers Gems v Iluka Mermaids Umpire your own; Court 3 –Iluka Sharp Shooters v Maclean Netstars Umpire your own. Division 4 at 11.30am: Court 1 – Breakers Starburst v Gulmarrad Vixens (U) Maclean Babes in Blue; Court 2 – Maclean Dolphins v Maclean Shooting Stars (U) Breakers Bluebirds; Court 3 – Iluka Terminators v Mini Breakers (U) Maclean Wild 1’s. Division 3 at 12.30pm: Court 1 – Maclean Wild 1’s vs Breakers Bluebirds (U) Gulmarrad Deadly Doobz; Court 2 – Breakers Zebras vs Maclean Babes in Blue (U) Iluka Allstars. Division 1 & 2 at 1.30pm: Court 1 – Gulmarrad Deadly Doobz v Iluka All Stars (U) Breakers Hot Shots; Court 2 – Gulmarrad Duroux Angels v Breakers Petals (U) Maclean Swifts; Court 3 – Breakers Honeybees v Breakers Sassqueens (U) Maclean Troublemakers; Court 4 – Maclean River St Bakery v Just Breakers (U) Maclean Bottom Pub. Division 1 & 2 at 2.30pm: Court 1 – Iluka Wannabies v Maclean Troublemakers (U) Breakers Honeybees; Court 2 – Maclean Bottom Pub v Breakers 1 (U) Just Breakers; Court 3 – Breakers Hot Shots v Maclean Swifts (U) Breakers Petals. Iluka Canteen Roster 10.15am-11.15am – Iluka Mermaids; 11.15am-12.15pm – Iluka Sharp Shooters; 12.15pm-1.15pm – Iluka Terminators; 1.15pm-2.15pm – Iluka All Stars 2.15pm-3.15pm – Iluka Wanna-Be’s Good luck to the LCNA Rep players playing in the Brunswick/Byron regional carnival this Sunday. Lower Clarence Netball Association thanks the local businesses for their sponsorship: Spar, NRMA, NAB, Kanes Sport and Leisure, Home Timber and Hardware. Kerry Lee