Grafton Bridge Club

Thursday 5th May Nettie Bennett and Glad Durrington won the day’s match ahead of Joan Stephenson and Jean Felton. In equal third place were Tess Bloomer and Pam Dougherty, and Heather Roland and Dennis Ford. Friday 6th May In a four-table Howell movement, Mavis Smith and Peter McGruer were the outstanding winners. In second place were Heather Grant and Sylvia Cryer, just ahead of Neil Nagle and Bob Northam. South Grafton Bridge Club Tuesday 3rd May Pat McLennan and Matt Staehelin won by a very substantial margin. Ian Huxley and Bev Kojac came second ahead of Nettie Bennet and Jock Macpherson in third place. Count your winners and count your losers. If the total doesn’t come to 13, count your cards (Alfred Sheinwold) Jenny Russell