What happens now?

Ed, A woman finally summons the courage to leave, it wasn’t planned, she has had enough. She has been assaulted, raped and is scared for the kids. Her partner is at the pub. An opportunity. The kids grab a toy each, she grabs some necessary medication. She drives away a safe distance. She remembers the 1800 Respect phone number. What happens now? Are they taken to a safe house? Are they given new clothes? With her permission will schools be contacted? Are the kids given a footy to kick around? Some DVDs or computer games for the kids would be great. Physical and psychological first aid is crucial. Trained female Red Cross volunteers can help provide psychological help. A first aided is permanently at hand. Professionals such as doctors and psychologists are called as needed. Legal aid is provided (oops it has been cut…why). Her self confidence has taken a beating too. Will she be helped? Or is there nowhere to go? AVOs don’t automatically cross state borders…Why? A panic button, GPS trackers, a new phone, CCTV security, education are not much use now. Safety, a bed, meals and the things I mentioned above are important. Steven Jenner, Yamba