Scorched-earth plan

To CVC Mayor and Councillors.
As a long-standing ratepayer from Yamba, and rational Clarence Valley constituent, I ask and suggest that you reconsider the development plan for McLachlan Park. It would be quite possible to upgrade and modernise the appearance of the park without vandalising its essential character.
There is no need to remove the four old camphors, they have been around a lot longer than you. It wouldn’t hurt to review your world-view either. Just because you have access to bulldozers doesn’t mean you should destroy everything older than your attention span.
Eighty percent of residents oppose your plan and 10% are undecided, that looks to me like the end of your tenure at the next election unless you re-evaluate the current scorched-earth plan, and take heed of the well-meaning feedback from the residents. You will not be ostracised for re-considering this bad decision, it will in fact show that you are worthy of the people’s respect and continued support.
Lindsay McGuire, Yamba