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Triathlons not just for sporting elite

cvi   Selina Higgins is just one of the several hundred competitors who took part in Saturday’s triathlon in Yamba. Since March last year, Selina has lost a massive 32 kilos and has only started training for this triathlon this year. Having competed in a half marathon and a few triathlons in the past, this is her first competition since having a baby three years ago. Selina said that she works out at a Maclean gym with personal trainer Kim Smith, four days a week and attributes her weight loss to ‘clean eating and regular exercise’. “You have to be mentally tough and got to want to do it and believe you can do it,” she said. “You have to make time to do it.” Selina is a working, single mum but manages to find time outside of that to train. “You have to set goals and have a mental mind set.” Selina enjoys the bike and the run disciplines (within the triathlon) however says that she struggles with the swim. I couldn’t do any of it without the help and support of my parents, family and friends. Selina said that she is only one of the competitors and did not wish to draw attention to herself. “We all have our own individual stories,” she said. “I’d like to congratulate all the other competitors – they are all winners.”