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cvi   Schaeffer House is the oldest museum in NSW outside of Sydney. F W C Schaeffer, who built Schaeffer House for himself in 1900, became Grafton’s first city architect in 1909. The museum was originally housed in the old Clarence chambers back in 1934 – 35 and in 1966 Schaeffer House was purchased by the then Grafton city council for the Grafton Historical Society, to house their records and memorabilia. The building was restored and extended in 1982. The museum has an extensive research facility for tracing family histories in the Clarence Valley. Among the amazing items exhibited is a priceless Wedgewood collection of over 170 pieces, which is thought to be the largest collection on public display in NSW. The old café booth seats from the historic Langley’s café, which was located in Prince Street, Grafton for around 50 years, has pride of place against a wall, where visitors can step back in time and recall many enjoyable moments spent with friends at this popular café. Among other interesting exhibits within the museum are an iron lung and portable x-ray machine, a wedding dress dating back to 1909, Sir Earle Page’s honours medals, a flogging horse used in the very early settlers’ days, along with a cat-o’-nine-tails believed to have been sourced from the old Lawrence court house. Each room of this historic house is decked out as it would have been in the early 1900s – a visit to this beautiful and grand old home is a must. Schaeffer House is located at 190 Fitzroy Street, Grafton NSW 2460. Ph: 02 6642 5212 Museum Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Sunday 1pm – 4pm RESEARCH ROOM Opening Hours: Tues, Wed & Thurs. 9.00am – 4.00pm