Students’ Strike 4 Climate


Members of the Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed who attendedlast Friday’s School Strike 4 Climate in Grafton were very impressed by the organisation of the event and the young people’s speeches. Their calls for effective and immediate action on climate change showed the depth of their knowledge about the issue as well as their very understandable concern about the impact of climate change on their future and the future of their children.

This event saw an increase from the earlier strike in March in both the students attending and adults supporting the young people.

Once again we saw a slap-down from the politicians who simply don’t get it or, more likely, don’t want to get it. In referring to the strike as a disruption, which indeed it was, Acting Prime Minister McCormack said such strikes should be held at weekends where they don’t disrupt businesses, schools and universities. The whole point of a strike such as this is to get the message across that an increasing number of young people are fearful of the future – and disruption is what it takes because of the intransigence of most of our politicians.

These political dinosaurs should realise that community concern about climate change won’t go away – nor will action from the young people who stand to suffer the most because of our current leaders’ stupidity.

Leonie Blain

On behalf of Grafton’s Knitting Nannas Against Gas & Greed