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South Grafton Women’s Bowls

Tuesday July 21 Social Bowls: L. Betts, M Sales, C. Smidt 17 def D. Rankin, S. Mandelc, R. Hodge 15; P. Knox, M. Andrew 14 def B. Ford, J. Cornell 11; H. Nickless, S. Austen, C. Kane 13 def N. Newton, B. Essex, J. Kowal 8; P. Harvey, J. Axon 18 def A. Bunn, E. Whitford 11; D. Allison, M. Daley, J. Gebetsburger 13 def V. Holroyd, B. Robison, N. Graham 10. Wining Rink: P. Harvey, J. Axon. R/ Toucher: M. Daley. Competition: J. Cornell, R/U: N. Graham. Thursday July 23 Championships: Triples: M. King, A. Bunn, G. Ryan 21 def J. Kowal, G. Linaker, D. McLachlan 10; D. Allison, L. Betts, J. Axon 21 def S. Robinson, I. Heppell, G.Cupples10. Umpire: R. Hodge. C/O: N. Graham. Social Bowls: I. Gough, M. Andrew 16 def P. Knox, R. Hodge 10 — J. Gebtsburger, N. Graham def B. Essex, P. Lollback 19. — B Ford E. McKew 23 def M. Sales, E. Whitford 12. Wining rink J. Gebetsburger, N. Graham. Competition: M. Andrew R/U: P. Harvey. Super Veterans: S. Robinson, I. Heppell, M. Mulligan, M. Williams. Star Veteran: M. Ford. All received their badges from the district of CRDWBA. Congratulations ladies. Coming- up in our club competitions are the Minor Singles and the Consistency Singles commencing from Thursday the 30th July so please check the board to see if you are listed to play. Janet Kowal