South Grafton Men’s Triples

2015 SGBC Men’s Triples champions, P Robinson (second), G Kilduff (Lead) and L Preston (Skip)
  Wednesday 7th October Men’s social bowls:  Three games of triples, one with a swinging lead and two games of pairs got underway in reasonable temperatures. Maybe a little warm but not too bad overall. Following are the results from all matches: Rink (1).  B Kenny, T Newsome & J Betts  d  D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 31-14; Rink (2). M Andrews, S Taylor & L Bond  d  D Andrews, B Ashbrooke & T Scott 20-18; Rink (3). W Powell ( Swinging Lead), J Pye & P Gillespie  d  W Powell (SL), J Flaherty & L Flaherty  28-10; Rink (4). M Revell & J Davis  d  W Peterson & L Andrew  29-10; Rink (5). G Kilduff & L Preston  d  M Myers & N Harrison  20-19. Winning Rink (5): G Kilduff, L Preston. Lucky Rink (5): M Myers, N Harrison. Resting Toucher: L Flaherty. Jackpot not won. Friday 9th October Men’s mixed barefoot bowls:  Just three rinks of social bowls, all triples matches. Lovely afternoon with very pleasant playing conditions and the results of the three games were as follows: Rink (1). R Pendergast, M Bettison & G Cupples  d  S Scott, S Ford & S Weber  20-12; Rink (2). B Kenny, P Desborough & B Hayes  d  T Cameron, J Flaherty & A Bunn  19-18; Rink (3). L Andrew, L Perrett & L Bond  d  D O’Brien, H Nickless & D Barker 21-16 (these games were played alongside one round of Championship Mixed Pairs and one of Championship mixed triples). The results for these being: Rink (4). Championship Mixed Pairs round: L Betts & J Betts  d  D Allison & G Mallison  25-20; Rink (5). Championship Mixed Triples round: H Nichols, G Kilduff & L Preston  d  B Essex, J Pye & J Axon 20-18. Winning Rink (1): R Pendergast, M Bettison, G Cupples. Chook ends:  End 8 – D Barker.  End 14 –  R Pendergast and L Preston. Jackpot won by Rink (2): T Cameron, J Flaherty, A Bunn, B Kenny, P Desborough, B Hayes. Sunday 11th October In the match of the week the Men’s Championship Triples was played out Sunday morning; and what a brilliant match it was, the score really no indication of just how tight the game was throughout. Laurie’s team however rose to the challenge to eventually take the title for 2015. Congratulations to all six players on a great game. Men’s 2015 SGBC Triples championship final:  G Kilduff, P Robinson, L Preston  d  S Weber, S Bridle, G Mallison 22-15. D  McLachlan