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South Grafton Men’s Bowls…Sheep Station to Broom

Wednesday June 24 Although the skies remained clear the wind had a real bite. Forty players filled seven rinks in six games of triples and one of pairs. Results of all social matches as follows: Rink (1) – M Andrews, P Robinson, G Kilduff d M Revell, P Ritchie, B Kowal 18-16; Rink (2) – W Powell, J Ashton, R Tucker d G Williams, K Fitzsimmons, J Davis in a challenge match 21-16; Rink (3) – J Betts, S Weber, T Weber d B Kenny, J Flaherty, L Flaherty 19-12 (good to see Barney Kenny back on the Green this time complete with bowling arm); Rink (4) – In a second challenge match E Cura, K Van Beek, L Preston d D Andrews, B Ashbrooke, T Scott 27-10. Rink (5) – N Harrison, C Cooke, M Ransome d M Myers, S Taylor, G Mallison 23-12; Rink (6) – T Newsome, A Morrison, A Madden d R Cornell, D James, P Linacre 22-10; Rink (7) – J Scott, S Scott d L Andrew, G Gumbleton 39-11. Winning rink (3) – J Betts, S Weber, T Weber. Resting toucher: W Powell. Jackpot – not won. Friday June 26 Men’s social mixed bowls, and with the weather leaving a bit to be desired, just 16 hardy souls braved the elements in two games of triples and one of pairs. Results: P Desborough, B Essex d H Nickless, A Hayes 18-12; K Fitzsimmons, L Perrett, L Bond d D Fitzsimmons, M Tinnock, P Ritchie 26-19; M Bettison, W Powell, A Bunn d J Flaherty, L Andrew, B Hayes 25-15 Winning rink: P Desborough, B Essex, Chook ends: End 8 – B Desborough; End 14 – B Essex. Resting touchers: W Powell, A Hayes. Jackpot – not won. Saturday June 27 Sheep Station Challenge: Overcast skies and a cold snap failed to stop Brooms Head BC and South Grafton BC lining up for the annual Club versus Club Sheep Challenge. Lured by our magnificent trophy and the promise of a hot and tasty luncheon, 42 men and women bowlers set out to do battle. Turned out it was Brooms Head’s day and they triumphantly carried the prize home. Oh well we’ll get them next time South Grafton. Still a great day with an excellent BBQ lunch and great company. Can’t ask for too much more. Sunday June 28 SGMBC Club championships. Following a general meeting at the Club rooms, three Club championship games took place. The results of these matches. Club Championship Minor Singles: S Weber d J Woodward 31-14 (Marker L Andrew); K Van Beek d M Revell 31-19 (Marker G Mallison). Club Championship Pairs (semi final): N Harrison, M Ransome d W Powell, D Andrews 25-5. Denise McLachlan