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Rudolf well and truly on the road back to good health

cvi   Since Rudolph’s last appearance in the paper, he has had numerous visits from the kind and caring folk of Yamba. The combination of great nursing Care and the outpouring of love from Yamba residents (especially children) has meant that Rudi has been improving every day…you could say that he’s Rearing to go! Unfortunately, he did suffer a small setback during the week. Astute veterinary nurses noted that Rudolph was starting to drop his food while he was eating. As you may recall from last week’s update, Rudolph had been self-medicating his sore leg with a steady diet of candy canes, and unfortunately these had taken a toll on more than just his gastrointestinal tract. Yes, Rudolph had cavities – and lots of them. Many would have given up at this point and deemed that he would never fly again, but not the team at Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery, who believe in the power of magical sparkly reindeers almost as much as they believe in the power of a healthy, pain free mouth! A series of dental radiographs identified the exact location of the problems, and a few hours later Rudolph was back to munching on the plants out the front of the surgery. Rudolph is now a complete convert to a healthier diet with fewer candy canes and more fresh green herbs and leafy veggies. As his present to the people of Yamba, he has been busy tending to a veggie patch just between the Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery, Yamba Flooring Xtra and Coastal Mechanical. This veggie patch has been grown in the spirit of Edible Yamba so all Yamba residents can pick some delicious greens for their Christmas lunch. Barring any further setbacks, Dr Karen Teasdale and the proud team at Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery expect to discharge Rudolph from hospital on the evening of the 24th December. Remember, Rudolph’s strength seems to grow every time he has children pat him and ring his bell around his neck, or adults smile with delight and forget their worries for a minute, or dogs bark with mild bewilderment. Keep smiling at each other and we’ll get Rudi to lift off without a worry!