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GDSC Swimming

This week will be last swim for 2015; members will then have a week off, and resume competition again on January 5. Last Tuesday evening members welcomed Bob Owen back from his overseas adventure and a warm welcome was also given to Bill Goddard’s daughter-in-law and her children, one of whom joined in with members in competition and performed admirably. Tyler Durrington, who is definitely going to be a contender for the highest point scorer of the season, made the final of the 50m freestyle, along with Terry Marsh, Damien O’Mahony and Wilson Burns. Wilson, first to hit the water on handicap, kept the opposition at bay for the first 40m, but the rot set in not long after that. Marno, the back marker, crept ahead with Marshy and Tyler hot on his heels. As the group completed the distance, Marno’s hopes of a win were dashed when it was announced that he had busted by .12. Marshy was next home and with a time only .46 off his nominated, was awarded the win from Tyler in second and Wilson, third. In the 30m freestyle final, Tyler Durrington was once again a contender. Beside him on the blocks were Richard Sear, Steve Donnelly and Terry Barnes. Richard took the win in this event, making it look so easy with his smooth strong stroking. Barnesy came home in second place with Steve taking third. Bill Goddard, with his group of supporter’s right behind him, was first in the water on handicap in the final of the 30m B B & B. Chasing him were Jenny Vickery, Terry Barnes and David Moon. Bill, to the delight of his grandchildren, won this race with a perfect time. Jenny scored second place, with David, only a whisker away, taking third. Toni Ensbey