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Rowers get ready for Head of River regatta

With the Head of the River regatta being held in Grafton on December 6 it was a good preparation for the younger Lower Clarence Club rowers at the Grafton High School regatta recently. Elissa Metcalfe and Maneesha Davis finish 2nd and 3rd in their respective divisions of the WN single scull. Jesse Corbett was also 2nd in his MU15/16 single. In the MU15/16 quad the crew of Corbett, Lachlan Maxwell, Declan Hickey and Kayleb Anderson finished 2nd. Fletcher Sumner and Mitchell Johns were 2nd in the MU17 double scull with Kyle Trevithick and Luke Plummer 3rd. Angus Cassidy joined Sumner, Corbett and Maxwell to win the MU17 quad followed by Lachlan Fischer, Trevithick, Corbett and Johns 3rd. Crystal Piper came 2nd in WU17 single then won the WU17 double with Amie Inmon and Georgie Dobbin and Eryn Hammond 3rd. The crew of Metcalfe, Inmon, Dobbin and Clarissa Cannon finished 2nd in WU17quad. In the Whcp single Piper was the winner with Teagan McFarlane 2nd and Hammond in her division came 3rd. Gemma Dane and Nikita Kean (Lism) won the Whcp double. Dane was 2nd in the WOpen single scull with Kylie Duff 3rd. Dane and McFarlane also won the WO double scull and then the older crew of Dane, Duff, Candice Jagoe and Leah Doman (Coffh) won the WO quad with Dobbin, Inmon, Hammond and McFarlane coming 2nd. The Womens Master crew of Keryn Saunders, Mandy Steel, Joanne Meehan and Clare Millist won the WMHcp quad. In their doubles Saunders and Meehan won their division while in the other divison Jagoe and Doman won after a close finish with Steel and Millist 2nd. Jagoe won her divison of the WMHcp single scull while Duff was 2nd in hers. The crew of Saunders, Steel, David Hailes and Millist had a win in the Mixed quad with Davis, Hammond, Corbett and Johns 3rd in the younger division. In the Mixed Coxed Four Duff, Hailes, Meehan, Millist and Dane (cox) came 3rd. A successful day for everyone. We wish the Maclean High School rowers all the best for the Head of the River regatta and thank you to all coaches and helpers. Clare Millist