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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

The club enjoyed two excellent days of demonstrations by Jim Hicks, a leading player in NSW for twenty years, with many members coming to see a master in action. He opened our eyes as to the possibilities in Golf Croquet and showed us all how to do jump shots. He showed us strategies we had not dreamed of. The next day was devoted to Association Croquet and members were amazed at Jim’s smooth progress through multiple hoops in fast time. He showed us how jump shots applied to AC. Members played matches under his supervision and advice, in order to learn advanced tactics and strategies. At the end of the day all members could see clearly how to improve their games. We have not seen such skill in Coutts Crossing before. Jim also inspired two members to train to become referees, which would be another first for Coutts Crossing. After a most enjoyable afternoon’s play, the 2015 Child and Parent Champions are Riley Croft and his father Jamie. In the final game they were helped by a 27 metre hoop from Jamie. Runners up were Emily Mathews and her mother Nicole. Jess Fuller and her mother Karin were a close third. That ends the schools croquet till after the heat of summer. Thanks go to the many members who have helped and coached the children this year. The rains held off for the Association players on Sunday. Graham Wilson included a six hoop turn in a 26-15 win over Helen Forrest and Kay Munro won 21-6 against Sue Deeth. Jim Algie and Peter Deeth fought a hard battle with Peter edging home 26-24. Monday saw full courts for Golf Croquet. Some highly tactical play saw only two players win all their games, Pat McLennan and Gillian Martin. Close behind were Phyl Harrison, Ken Davison and Peter Martin, with only one loss each. Nobody went winless, perhaps that was because John Buckley was absent. There were patches of good play from Yvonne Gillett, Joy Campbell, Helyn Davison, Robyn Walters and Pam Gauci, but no spectacular shots which require a mention, perhaps because John Buckley was absent. Golf Croquet is played now at 8:30 on Monday and Thursday mornings, Association at 9am on Wednesdays and Sundays. We have vacancies right now for new players, free training and all equipment supplied. Call 6649 5109 or 6649 3200 for details. Find us on Facebook. Sue Deeth