Grafton Services Swim Club

A balmy night enticed swimmers to participate in competition last week. Sharon Pettit accompanied her dad, Bill Goddard, and took the opportunity to get some exercise in. It is always wonderful to see Sharon when she has time off and makes it home for a visit. Even though the female members of the club are in a minority, they put in a good showing with a representative in each final. There were no victories recorded, but one is imminent. All and sundry knew that Jill Enks had made it to the final of the 50m freestyle (her anguished cry was heard by all). Hopping onto the blocks beside Jill were Terry Marsh, Bruce Durrington and Richard Sear, and with a trio like that to swim against, I think all the ladies would have been sceptical of their chances. After 40m had been swum, the lads put on the pace for the final 10m, overtaking Jill, and it was Durro, Searsy and Marshy finishing in that order. With correct times announced, the judge’s decision was final. Toni Ensbey lined up for the 30m freestyle final with Wilson Burns, Bruce Durrington and Andrew Madden as her opposition. Andrew, with good form coming to the fore over the last few weeks, took the lead and couldn’t be caught. Unfortunately for him, he swam too fast and the handicapper will be scrutinising times next week. Next across the line was Wilson, and with a good time recorded, he took the win, with Durro second and Toni third. Jill Enks and Toni Ensbey had Terry Marsh and Steve Donnelly to contend with in the Wykes Tyrepower Cup. Jill dominated this event, covering the distance in a time which unfortunately was too fast. Next home was Marshy, swimming a 26.4 off a 27, and this gave him the win. Steve only .26 away cruised in to second place, and a very much out of form Toni, scored third. Toni Ensbey