Rest Point Hotel Social Fishing Club Copmanhurst

Well those who fished this April Fishing Club weekend caught a good dose of sunburn and some good catches, and if I get their fishing stories right in this report right it will be well done to me, as these fishermen were jumping about all over the place with their stories and I got a tad confused with it all. Tony M hit the jackpot, hauling in an Open Ocean catch of spotted mackerel, snapper, flathead and taylor. Tony’s boat was out of action Sunday with maintenance problems so he said he put his feet in the river and got a few more there. Tony’s tcw came in at 14 kilos. Mal L and Chris G fished at Northholme Saturday, also fishing Sunday and netted 2 catfish, 2 forktail and a flounder, somehow Harwood, Serpentine then Palmers Island came into it and also Lillydale and Wooli as well. Chris’s tcw was 1.405. Mal L didn’t appear to have any luck. Lynn W went fishing down at the boat ramp at Copmanhurst but found she had left her gear at home, luckily Marcus and Indi were fishing so she borrowed a rod from Marcus’s but none had any successful catches. David S and Rory S fished at Nannygai off Angourie, Rory catching a cod and also a dose of sunburnt face. Greg, Andrew and Michael C fished down the back of their place and at Yamba, Michael having some success with a tcw of 1.617. John S fished down the back of his place with no luck. This next item is well worth a mention, David Seymour, during the month fished at Airlie Beach North Queensland landing a fabulous 27kg barramundi and pictures of his catch are on the wall at BCF. April results: Open Ocean: Tony Mortimer – total catch weight 12.51kg; Rory Seymour – total catch weight .700kg. Beach Rock & Estuary: Tony Mortimer – total catch weight 1.485kg; Chris Goodbar – total catch weight 1.400kg. Beach Rock & Estuary: Junior – Michael Cummings 1.617kg Lynn Griffith