Croquet at Coutts Crossing

No most improved player of the month for March. Several players showed good form but nobody sprung out and said “It’s me, me, me!” A few fewer people to Thursday Golf Croquet, so the delight of playing on a full court. Three 3-ball games tested accuracy and meanness. Results were Gillian Martin 7, Ken Davison 6, Nola Horrocks 4. Frank Mack and Phyl Harrison 5 each, Peter Martin 4. Joy Campbell 7, Bill Gauci and Pat MacLennan 3 each. In doubles Joy Campbell was outstanding and benefitting from her new technique. Partnering Phyl Harrison she ran a 20 metre hoop in a 7-4 crushing of Peter Martin and Pat MacLennan. Pat was not to be outshone; partnering Peter again she rammed home a 25 metre hoop in a 7-6 win over Frank Mack and Joy Campbell. Peter Martin had a most unusual in-off off 2 balls. Joy Campbell and Frank Mack had the best records on the day, identical three wins to one loss by just one hoop. The new bead counting devices pinned to one’s shirt may have led to errors in scoring. An excited heaving chest was found to make a bead drop and gain the player an extra hoop without having hit a ball. The extra hour in bed on Sunday morning seemed to have a lethargic effect on the Association players. Rod Munro beat Peter Deeth 14-12, Kay Munro and Graham Wilson tied 15-15. The third game, a doubles also ended 15-15. Gillian Martin and Jim Algie led till the very last shot of the day against Peter Martin and new member and fast learner Delree Philp. At the start Peter took the hard shots, and Delree the easy and they fell far behind. It was only when the beginner started taking the hard shots that they caught up. Last week croquet took a different aspect, with events every day. Monday saw 28 members turn up to star in a video film being made of the club activities and its fund raising for a second croquet lawn. Wendy Gibbs directed and picked out the best features of the club, including the member with the best looking legs, and the one who demonstrated three successful jump shots in a row: what a show-off. There was also some croquet played; scores were lost in the melee. But on the day, everyone was a star. Tuesday saw four newcomers to croquet ‘having a go’. Col and Annie Hennessy and Phil and Pam Jordan joined established players, and after being taken through the basics, all had a good morning, especially the men who ran hoops from all angles. They were hooked. Wednesday and another nine interested beginners: Royce and Marilyn Wilson, Lauri and Ann Pulkkinen, Christine O’Farrell and Ron and Margaret Jones all came to play. Everyone had some successes, particularly the ladies, all of whom ran some long hoops and general played better than the men. Although after a tasty lunch, everyone’s game dropped off in the heat. Join us; you really should. Call 6649 5109 for an invitation. Sue Deeth