Grafton Services Swim Club

It was “lights and action” at the first swim for the winter season. Although the water was quite pleasant, the sneaky little breeze that was hanging around brought out a few goose bumps between heats. Kicking off the programme for the evening was the 50m freestyle final and it was an all male affair with Ian Goodman, Wilson Burns, Steve Donnelly and David Moon being the qualifiers. In the last 10 metres of this event, Wilson pulled well ahead of his opponents, touching a good body length in front. As times were called the judge was heard to comment “ silly Willy, you have busted”. Next home was Steve, and being only .05 off his nominated time, was awarded the win. Ian and David, although swimming slightly slow times filled second and third places. David Moon and Steve Donnelly headed straight back to the blocks after the 50m final to compete in the 30m freestyle and hoping to clip their wings were Bruce Durrington and Toni Ensbey. Well this race was all Durro’s, churning home with a great time and .06 ahead of Steve . David, also swimming a time not to be sneezed at, cruised into third place and Toni, struggling to find form was the tail ender. To round off the night events the 30m B B & B was contested by Andrew Madden, Max Kroehnert, Terry Barnes and Tyler Durrington. Barnesy must have been storing all his energy for this race because he broke by nearly two seconds. After his disqualification all eyes went to the next competitor home, and this was Andrew. However the same fate awaited him, clocking .14 faster than nominated time. Young Tyler was eventually announced the winner with the evergreen Max taking second place. The monthly barbeque was held after the swim and all members enjoyed some socialising whilst partaking of the culinary skills of our two chefs, Steve and Bruce. Toni Ensbey