David Grundy and Luke Bloomer top score at 700 yards

High scores were once again difficult to come by at the 700 yard second stage of the Easter Trophy monthly competition.
Fired in what seems to be coming this range’s signature conditions of shifting switching wind and mirage, there were no “possibles” produced in either the Target Rifle or F-Class divisions. However, Luke Bloomer [in T/R], and David Grundy [F-Class] each came within one point in one of their stages, which allowed them to walk away with both the Grafton ShoppingWorld Butchery Off-Rifle trophies, and the Daily Aggregate Trophies in their respective divisions.
The 700 yard target poses a definite high degree of difficulty at the best of times, but in these conditions it shows no mercy for any waywardness from the shooter or from the reading of the wind.
Numbers were down on the usual turn-out, with quite a few of our members being involved in various duties, here and elsewhere.
T/R Scores: Luke Bloomer 49-4 46-1 95-5 1.5 96.5; Wayne Pearson 45-3 44-2 89-5 7.0 96.0; Phil Donoghue 48-3 45-2 93-5 2.5 95.5.
F-Class Scores: David Grundy 56-2 59-4 115-6 2.5 117.5; John Robertson 57-2 54-0 111-2 5.5 116.5; Nick DeBellis 52-0 54-2 106-2 7.0 113.0; Sue Bloomer 56-0 50-1 106-1 5.5 111.5; John Black 57-1 52-1 109-2 2.5 111.5; John Bloomer 52-1 53-2 105-3 6.0 111.0; Tony O’Keeffe 45-2 54-0 99-2 9.5 108.5; John Townsend 49-2 47-0 96-2 7.0 103.0.
The Club was very pleased to welcome John Townsend back in town for a short visit, and we are already looking forward to his next sojourn to this part of the woods. We are also keeping our fingers crossed for Dennis Hilton who is away in Bendigo as part of the NSW Veterans team, after which he will be competing in the Victorian State Championships [Queens Shoot] and associated matches.
The shoot next week will be from the 800 yard mound for the third stage of the Easter Trophy commencing at 1pm at the range which is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill, and adjacent to the Experiment Farm, visitors and new shooters are always welcome.
Anthony O’Keeffe