Park is not to Community’s Expectations

Ed, The DA for the actual construction of and demolition of parts of McLachlan Park in Maclean is currently on public exhibition by Clarence Valley Council, seeking comments. One aspect needs to be clearly clarified – the plan the council is displaying for the park design and which it now intends to construct is not one which has received public endorsement. The planned layout that is proposed is wholly one of Council’s inception, it being from latent consultants ‘new on the scene’, and it is one which has never been put before the public for comment. It is an entirely inferior layout to all the plans which were discussed and developed through earlier public forums, workshops and community interaction. Whilst the park, if ever it does get built will still be an improvement over what currently exists, but it will reflect nothing of the design parameters, efforts and expectations that our local community had put into it during its lengthy exhibition period. The DA report that has been prepared (by yet more consultants) erroneously states “Following the public exhibition, amendments were made considering the final feedback from the Maclean community” This of course is whitewash. The DA plan now on display for the design and layout of McLachlan Park reflects nothing and contains practically nothing that was put forward or commented on through any preceding public interaction. Again – so much for time wasted on public involvement – and “we’re listening”! Warren Rackham, Maclean