Performance was outstanding

Ed, The Lower Clarence Community Choir deserves great praise for two quite different reasons. The first is the extent of their fundraising as reported in your article on November 18. It is truly wonderful that an amount of $1500 can be raised from the concert in Maclean the previous Sunday and for me personally, it meant a lot that it went to Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service. My wife would not have survived a brain haemorrhage last year without that Service. The other reason is the sheer enjoyment that the choir give us in their regular concerts each year. The variety of each programme, some familiar, some new, some classical, some lighter, ensures all tastes are covered. Their last concert was in a class of its own, including a half-hour Oratorio, the first time, I gather, that the choir has tackled something on that scale. The overall performance was outstanding, especially for a work usually performed professionally in a concert hall. Brian Holley, Yamba