Palm Lake Golf 2015 Champions

This week was a Fun Day and Annual Presentation lunch which saw 24 golfers front up for the 18 hole 2 person Ambrose and over 30 for the lunch. The Ambrose event was won by David Miles and Jenny Muir (with some assistance from Lance Eaves, who was called home because his wife had a serious fall). David and Lance were the original partnership but Jenny volunteered to act as a swinger in the group, which was very courageous considering that she had some doubts about playing at all due to a bad back. Dennis Burton, the other member of the group and Jenny’s original partner, just couldn’t match the scores of David and Jenny. It was great to see Matt McLeod our sponsor from Bi-Rite out there swinging a club with us. John Wright from the Pro Shop couldn’t get a leave pass, as was the case with Kane from Bean Scene. Rod from Sassafras and Jackie from the Barber Shop were possible starters for lunch but that terrible four letter word “work” prohibited their attendance, even so the support from all sponsors throughout the year has been much appreciated. NTPs on the day saw Alek Miltiadou and Andy Duke Yonge win the Sassafras vouchers on the 3rd hole and David Miles and Lance Eaves win the Yamba Barber Shop haircuts on the 12th. The Scottish (or is that Scotch) pair of Gordon McHugh and David McNaught took out both the Bean Scene vouchers on the 9th and the Yamba Pro Shop vouchers on the 17th. At the Presentation lunch, the year’s winners were presented with their trophies which were: Club Champion – Bruce Douglass; Champion Putter – Bruce Douglass; Match Play Champion – Dennis Burton; Captain’s Shield – Lance Eaves/Dennis Burton; Secretary v Captain Teams – Captain’s Team; Most Improved Player – Al Burke; Medal of Medals – Peter Jarman. The Palm Lake v DR Club event played this year ended in a draw with no predetermined method of working a countback, so this event will be replayed early in the new year. Peter Jarman in his last event as Captain thanked his Committee, the Golf Club, sponsors and most importantly the players. He particularly noted the attendance of Keith Turner (a life member), who has been unable to play golf for some years, Dennis Burton who has moved to Ballina but still makes the effort to visit us on a regular basis and Bernie Pooley who moved to Foster early this year. Peter Jarman