Our Heritage Grafton Gaol


I note in our Independent of February 7, the NSW Government has handed over 1/2 (HALF) of the Grafton Gaol site to Grafton Ngerrie Local Aboriginal Land Council on a Freehold Title. A further 1/4 area of said property will be used for NSW Health, (both on a no cost basis.)

I would like to know why the remaining 1/4 area of this historic site cannot also be similarly handed over on a no cost basis to Clarence Valley Council to be used as a Cultural Centre and Museum for the People of Australia.

Halloway Bros. built our Grafton Goal in 1893. In 2020 Chris Gulaptis, the then Member for Clarence said regarding our Gaol that “It’s an asset for Grafton and the broarder community.”

I cannot understand why CVC General Manager or our Councilor’s in fact feel we should “buy” the remaining 1/4 area of our Heritage Gaol. It would appear these aforementioned people did not even give thought to the residents of the Clarence Valley that over the past 127 years (1893 to 2020) as these people would have been paying their taxes and whatever levies respective Government bodies may have applied to the running and maintenance of our Historic Gaol.

I therefore believe that CVC should be handed the remaining 1/4 area of this Historic site at NO COST to Council or residents of the Clarence Valley.

Yvonne Willis, Yamba