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Representatives from organisations met with the Lions Club of Clarence- Environmental last week to discuss working together to eradicate Feral Pigs. Image: Simon Hughes

Feral Pigs – we are coming to find you

An extra special gathering happened last Tuesday week when all organisations involved with feral pig eradication where the Endangered Coastal Emus roam came together to share and discuss working together.

Representatives from National Parks, Clarence Council, Save our Species, Local Land Services, Cane Growers Association, Hopeful Disruptions, North Coast Landcare, Banyula, Lions Club of Clarence- Environmental, Clarence Landcare and Sky Lola (drone) attended the meeting, while the Yaegl LALC sent their apologies.

The event was hosted by Clarence Landcare and Lions Club of Clarence -Environmental.

All up 15 people sat around the large table in Clarence Landcare’s office, sharing what each organisation did in pig eradication and then how we could all work more collaboratively and effectively in the future given financial resources and work constraints.

Feral Pigs can be found locally disturbing Endangered Coastal Emu nests by eating the eggs, preventing the next generation of these magnificent birds from flourishing.

It was a very good meeting with many positive outcomes.

Also, all present were encouraged to add pig sightings to the Feral Scan app https://www.feralscan.org.au/feralpigscan/default.aspx .

Sightings of Coastal Emus can be reported to the Clarence Conversations website https://www.clarenceconversations.com.au/coastalemus

It is important to note the more pigs are added to feral scan the more funding will happen.

Watch this space!

Barbara Linley