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Osprey RSL Day Club

Goodness gracious me the weeks are flying by again and I am struggling to keep up the pace.

No sooner do we put you gently out the door Friday afternoon and it’s Friday fun day all over again in the blink of an eye. Already the Easter bunny is hopping busily about as Easter is but 5 weeks away. Oh no. More chocolate! More exercises!

We had four new people bless us with their company last week. A huge welcome to Karen S, Thea T, Elva V and Sue J it was a delight to meet you all. It was also wonderful to see Marlene again. I just love it when the room is so full of chatter and laughter. Most of the boys returned after being MIA, but their spokesman would not confirm or deny their whereabouts other than to say, “they were not at the Taylor Swift Show, but would like to have been”.

David P brought in his beautiful wooden toy trucks for “show and tell”. They are crafted at The Men’s Shed and are just superb in every way possible. Attention to detail extraordinary; even the side mirrors on the cement truck are adjustable. I asked David to make me one because I hope to have a great grandson at some stage God willing. Now I just have to gee up the grand kids! They both take months to make anyway… ha ha.

It was just a normal Osprey Day last week with all the normal things, gentle exercises, bingo and the quiz. Do you believe that China invented Sorbet? I don’t either…not their sort of thing really. That’s their trouble, they have a finger in every pie! But you see, we learn something new every week. Of course, after lunch we played all the usual games cards, dice, and of course Rummikub until bus time.

The raffles were as follows:

1st prize Helen who cleverly selected the wine; 2nd prize David for a Free Day Pass; 3rd prize Lorraine for a Free Day Pass; 4th prize Dorothy for a small hamper.

That’s all folks.

Sue Gunning