Community News

New learning opportunities at the Valley

cvi   As a learning community we continue to have an abundance of events and activities occurring in our midst that we are greatly thankful for. Our next building project is going to tender at the moment and we anticipate that construction will commence in early July. The new facility will be providing a state of the art science laboratory and two new educational spaces for our expanding senior school. It will also see us continue to develop the additional land space that we have been blessed with. As a school we have the privilege of celebrating milestones in the life journey of our students and families. From completing kindergarten, how amazing to know the alphabet, skip counting and beginning to read, to the completion of Year Six and their beginning steps into young adulthood. Then this year for the first time we will have the pleasure of recognising the wonderful effort and work of our pioneering Year 12 cohort as they successfully complete their HSC. We are really looking forward to our community recognising together this significant step for both our students and our school. I am pleased to let you know that the process for the launch of our Valley Hope School continues to progress and we are looking forward to being able to offer this additional choice to families in the local area. The Valley Hope School will provide learning opportunities for students with mild to moderate autistic learning needs and students with moderate level intellectual learning needs. Excitingly, the students will be integrated in the broader learning community while at the same time being able to access wonderful teacher to student ratios to support their learning needs. Additional information about the Valley Hope School is available from the school office. Families interested in both Pacific Valley and the Valley Hope School are always welcome to contact the school office and make an appointment for a tour. In addition to this, we will be holding a number of open days during the year with the first of these occurring on Wednesday the 15th of June between 9am and 3pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity for anyone to get to know the school and its staff, and for families who would like to find out more about the educational options available at Pacific Valley. Please also be aware that we will be holding three Year 7 orientation days for new students to attend. The first of these is on Thursday the 16th of June, interested families can book a place for their child by contacting the school. To find out more please contact the school office at 6645 5691.