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Manta Rays ’sprint night’ this Friday

cvi   The Maclean Manta Rays finished their week in the pool with the second of their long distance programs. Although a thunderstorm loomed overhead, our swimmers stepped up and competed in events that were out of their comfort zone. We started with 200m breaststroke, followed by our 20m events, 30m events and freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and relay events Congratulations to Harry Campbell, Lilli Young, Ava Young, Taya Norris, Lachlan Skelton, and William Earl for your debut performance in the 200 metre breaststroke. Sasha Worboys and Zahli Carmichael also debuted in 30m freestyle events. Billy Johnson is leading our point score at the moment for consistently improving his times on a weekly basis. This week is “sprint night” and we welcome new members, so if you’re interested in fun, friendship and fitness join us on Friday nights for a 6pm start at Maclean Olympic pool on Argyle St. For further information, please consult our website at , otherwise we’ll see you Friday. Jenni Brown