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Maclean Women’s Bowls

On Tuesday February 2 members of Maclean Women’s Bowling Club were informed that green fees will rise to $10 as from March 1. A letter was received from the Red Cross thanking members for purchasing Christmas goods and for the added donation. Members are requested to make sure they check the raffle roster on the board and, if not available on the allotted day, arrange to swap with someone else. Entry forms for all the district championships are in the locker room and they all close on Tuesday March8. The entry fee is $4 which should be placed in an envelope with member’s name on the front and given to the secretary. Remember to include your ID number. The Championship Pairs started on February 2 with the following results: C Power, E Triffitt 18 d J Parkes, S Ferro 17; M Crelley, M Grimes 20 d J Cotten, V Daniels 18; N Phelps, M Ryan 20 d M Stallard (sub for J Watkinson), D Robson 10 (consolation prize); C Johnson, S Squires 17 d L Pearcey, L Sheppard 13. The second round on Thursday February 4 produced the following results: R Haselum, K Hudson 17 d C Byrum, S Rogers 12; L Rae, J Hannah 26 d B Cross, I Whitney 10; M Crelley, M Grimes 20 d N Phelps, M Ryan 6; C Johnson, S Squires18 d C Power, E Triffitt 16. Social results: L Bodycote, S Keighran, K Hudson (voucher winners) d F Cutting, J Johnston, C Byrum; M Combley, E O’Keefe, L Asbury d B Cross, L Rae, I Whitney; V Bird, P Stockings, G Parsons d P Barclay, L Connor, W Haselum. The raffle was won by N Phelps. Maggie Combley