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South Grafton Men’s Bowling Club

Wednesday February 3 Men’s Social bowls day: Six rinks today, five of Triples and one of Pairs took to the new Green for a full afternoon’s play. The results of all six matches were as follows: Rink (1). B Kowal, P Gillespie & J Pye d T Newsome, G Kilduff & L Preston 18-16; Rink (2). M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond d S Weber, R Wedd & J Betts 25-18; Rink (3). B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 18-17; Rink (4). M Revell, D Andrews & I Cheyne d R Tucker, M Myers & J Ashendon 32-15; Rink (5). B Wormald, B Nichols & B Ashbrooke d E Cura, L Andrew & K Evans 25-11; Rink (6). B Worthy & N Harrison d L Perrett & M Ransome 17-13. Winning rink: (2) M Andrews, G Taylor, L Bond. Lucky team: S Weber, R Wedd, J Betts. Resting toucher: B Wormald. Jackpot not won. Friday February 5 Men’s mixed barefoot bowls: With Championships being played around the District just 3 rinks took part today, one of Pairs, two of Triples. Results of the three games played as follows: Rink (1). M Bettison & A Bunn d L Perrett & L Bond 25-24; Rink (2). R Pendergast, J Flaherty & B Essex d S Scott, D O’Brien & L Andrew 21-13. Rink (3). J Betts, A O’Brien & S Weber d T Latter, S Ford & B Hayes 22-15. Winning rink: (3) J Betts, A O’Brien, S Weber. Resting toucher: L Bond. Chook ends: End 8 – R Pendergast; End 14 – L Perrett. No jackpot won. Good luck with the various upcoming Championships guys and from all of us welcome home to our Director Robin Hodge, back at the Monday board meeting. Good to see you on the road to recovery Rob, but take your time my friend. D McLachlan