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Maclean Ladies Golf

Last Wednesday, July 26, Maclean Ladies played the qualifying round for the annual 2bbb Knockout. The event was sponsored by Cathie Parker and Sandra Youlten. The winners of the event were Nancy Phillips and Kate Hemmy with Kim Moore and Lexie Simmons runners up. The NTP in Division 1 went to Kim Moore, in Division 2 to Kate Hemmy. O’all NTPs on the 7th (sponsored by Playmore Golf at Yamba) went to Cathy Ayres and on the 11th (sponsored by Hamilton, Simmons & Co) to Chris Forrester. Club balls were awarded to Cathy Ayres and Cathie Parker, Jill Schipp and Chris Forrester and Ros Jacobs and Sandra Youlten. Eight pairs qualified for match play, the first round of which must be completed by next Wednesday, August 12. In the first round we have Nancy Phillips and Kate Hemmy vs Chris Powell and Helen Graney, Ros Jacobs and Sandra Youlten vs Jill Schipp and Chris Forrester, Kim Moore and Lexie Simmons vs Helen McFarlane and Pauline Ryan, and Cathy Ayres and Cathie Parker vs Judy Parkes and Sheree Forsythe. Best of luck to our team playing in the WGNR Three Person Teams event held at Lismore on Monday. Today’s ladies event at Maclean, which is sponsored by Nancy Brown’s Making Waves Hair Salon in Maclean, is an 18-hole stroke being the 6th and final Golf NSW Medal round for the year. Next Wednesday, August 12, Maclean ladies will play a 2 person Ambrose (draw for partners). This is the final round of the EyeCare Plus Partner Challenge for the year and is sponsored by EyeCare Plus, Maclean. Following the game we will have our annual trading table for the Westpac LifeSaver Helicopter Service so girls, please bring along all your goodies for sale and a full purse to buy to support this very necessary service to our community. Jenny Apps