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GDSC Westlawn Golf

Forty three players greeted the starters on Sunday for the John and Peter Kelleher sponsored Monthly Medal. With the good weather we are having and the course in such great condition low scores were the order of the day. The best score of the day went to B Grade and Medal winner Russ Tangye with a fine 31 nett closely followed by Damien Roberts with 31 ½ nett and Josh Panton with 32 ½ nett. There were another five players who scored 35 nett or less. There were no waterboys from Sunday that I have heard about, but I am sure someone will come forward next week with a name or two. Next Sunday is a single Stableford event in conjunction with the first round of the Ellem family Consistency Trophy. Starters will be R Miller and J Leonard with R Finch and R Jenkin handling the results. Sunday 16th August will be a 3 person Ambrose event. Starters will be G Jackson and P Curd with G Mallison and D Tasker to handle the results. Sunday 23rd August will be a single Stableford event. Starters will be C Doggett and D Lynch with C Husking and K Rogan handling the results. Dave Lynch