Community News

The school captain receiving the cheque from Club Secretary Alan Cunningham and Robin Parker 1st Vice District Governor.

Local primary schools appreciate Lions donations

As part of the Maclean Lions Club disbursements at the end of the fiscal year, donations of $1000 each was donated to local primary schools. The schools were delighted with this amount as it meant that each school could buy much needed equipment.

St Josephs Primary School obtained science and geography resources; Chatsworth Island spent their money on mathematics kits including 2D and 3D shapes, plus volume and capacity resources.

Pacific Valley Christian School is keen to have a long series bench, with Maclean Primary School using the donation to cover extra curricular activities so that all children can participate in activities. Meanwhile Harwood Primary School has purchased a series of readers; Cowper has purchased decodable texts.

The Lawrence School has a series of readers at different levels catering for children abilities.

This Maclean Club money was available because of Return and Earn which the Club ran for several months, providing a service for recycling of cans and bottles. Sadly, because of the number of people required to run this effectively, the Club had to let it go.

Now with COVID-19 the Club is having difficulties in raising money in order to support the community.

Robin Parker