Libraries funding cut by NSW Liberal-National Government


Taking money away from our local libraries is never OK, but that’s what the NSW Liberals and Nationals have done.

In this year’s budget the Liberals and Nationals slashed more than $5 million in funding from our wonderful public libraries. 

It’s now the lowest level of funding in twenty years.

They also wiped out the entire grants programme that was especially dedicated to build public library infrastructure across NSW.

Instead the NSW Liberals and Nationals are now making regional arts, culture and heritage projects compete against libraries through their regional cultural fund.

That’s just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The next State Labor Government will double funding for public libraries, including an ongoing Public Library Infrastructure Fund of $6.25 million every year.

We understand how important local libraries are to every community across NSW and we’re prepared to pay to support them.

Peter Primrose MLC
Shadow Minister for Local Government