Community News

Lawrence annual bread and soup morning

All Saints Anglicans held our very special annual community event on Wednesday August 21, with our thanks to all who contributed to this cheering and warming occasion.

There were new and familiar faces from our Clarence region who gathered to either get to know one another, or to catch up again at last, and enjoy the welcome fellowship, food and fun.

The winners of our introductory wall quiz this year were Dulcie & Roger Reeves of the Uniting church, who also banded with their ukulele vocal group to provide us with a lively sing-a-long. There were the many raffle prizes distributed by Karen Jackson.

We then heard from a much appreciated guest speaker, our Cathedral Dean, Greg Jenks, who shared his very interesting and valued experience “Living in Jerusalem.”

A Q&A session followed, and reflective and nourished within, it was time to taste-test the variety of soups and freshly baked breadsticks from our local general store and finished with tea or coffee with lots of sweet treats. How thankful we are for one another.

Penny Bird