Lack of support for SAS


I am totally revolted by the gutless response from the media and politicians to the inquiry into the SAS. These modern day politically correct Australians who have done nothing more dangerous than open a bottle of angry Grange have all decided to throw OUR SAS “under the bus”.

Well to the members of OUR SAS I would like to say that you have the total support of the few remaining Aussies in this once great country. To paraphrase from The Man From Snowy River (the movie) ‘It’s a big country out there, but, you are welcome by my campfire anytime’. We Aussies look after our mates. The ONLY politician I have heard support them is Pauline Hanson.

I worked with SAS on the first NSW Counter Terrorism Exercise, ‘Operation Touchstone’, and to my knowledge I was the first policeman invited to war games in the top end (by the Green Slime) and, even more importantly I am an Aussie, which some people never will qualify to be.

So before you sugar plum fairies condemn OUR SAS heroes, try walking a mile in their shoes.

Perry Paxton, Lawrence