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South Grafton Public School students from 1KR had a special delivery last week from the North Pole and their elf is in 7 days quarantine. The students were so excited! Image: contributed.

South Grafton Public School

Last Tuesday week the Assistant Deputy Secretary, School Performance – North, Cathy Brennan joined Mr Hickey, Mr Dan Zacek and Mrs Mel McGrath via zoom, to discuss the outstanding results our school has been achieving.

Mrs Brennan initiated the meeting by commenting on the excellent reputation our school has at state level. They discussed the many facets of our school operation and initiatives we have implemented to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our school is viewed very highly and Mrs Brennan is very keen for us to be a model of excellence for other schools to follow. Congratulations to our whole school community on this fabulous recognition of our high achieving school.

Congratulations to all Stage 2 and Stage 3 students who received their silver or gold badge at last weeks special assemblies. The whole school is very proud of these students and they also received a silver or gold certificate, bumper sticker, individual photo and enjoyed a delicious morning tea.

Congratulations to our Kinders for 2021 who visited our Kindergarten classrooms last Tuesday. The students enjoyed a range of activities and our teachers were very impressed with the students behaviour. This activity completes this years Kindergarten Orientation Program.

Our school will be also holding our annual Christmas Carols this Wednesday 2nd December during school hours. Unfortunately due to guidelines parents will not be able to attend. Students will have the option to wear Christmas colours and we will be holding a Performing Arts Concert. Class performances will be restricted but all our students will enjoy a fabulous day participating in a wide range of Christmas activities. The concert will be held on our Infants Campus.

Our library stocktake will commence in Week 8, so please return all library books; especially Year 6 students or other students who will be leaving the school. Students are still more than welcome to read in the library and also borrow books for classroom use, but just cannot take them home.

Image: contributed.
Image: contributed.