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Keep your distance this Easter

If there’s one thing that you can do during this Easter break to help our communities minimise their risk to COVID-19, it’s to stay at home.

Northern NSW Local Health District Chief Executive, Wayne Jones, is urging people who would have ordinarily been travelling to beautiful Northern NSW over the break to reconsider their plans, and steer clear.

“For every person who doesn’t come to our region, it makes it easier for us to manage our own physical distancing needs here in Northern NSW,” Mr Jones said.

“If travellers stay away, it means there is less chance of new cases being brought into our region.

“Whether you were planning time away in a house, an apartment, a resort or in the bush, please cancel your plans and stay at home.

The warnings from Police are very clear, a holiday is not a reasonable excuse to travel during the Easter break.

“We understand that these measures are negatively impacting our travel and hospitality sectors, but the quicker we can contain any community transmission, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to start our recovery process sooner,” Mr Jones said.

“We want our region to be accessible for everyone again soon, but right now we need a break.

“Our hospitals and our staff will be here for those who need us; please don’t make it more difficult for them.

“Please keep your distance, so that we can, too. It’s that simple.”