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Jennifer Fagan Eagles the 8th at Yamba

With a stunning score of 41 points, and an amazing Eagle on the 8th, Jennifer Fagan was A Grade winner in the Single Stableford at Yamba on Wednesday. Runner-up with 37 points was Trish Hall who was visiting from Oxford Park, Brisbane. Lynne Macfarlane won B Grade with 35c/b from Meg Kulmar and, with a secret draw of partners for an Aggregate in conjunction, Meg was also a first prize winner with Kathy Parker. Balls ran to 31 c/b and NTPs were won by Di Sweetman – Yamba Medical Centre 3, Dulcie Nurse – Yamba Florist 3/2, Kathy Parker – Yamba Pro Shop 9, Deirdre Gough – Yamba Fair Butchery 10 and also The Block 17/2, Jennifer Fagan – The Shoe Boutique 12 and Lynne White – Clovelly Fashions 17. Give-away winners were Carrie Aitken – Civic Video, Trish McDermid – Priceline Pharmacy, Sandra Wallace – The Friendly Grocer, Moira Morrow – Yamba Florist and Lyn Rowland – Sweet & Spicy Café. The raffle winner was Jean Whitby. Any ladies that are new to golf, or returning after an absence from golf, and are unable to play in the 18 hole events may join with the “9 holers” on Wednesday mornings. If you make yourself known at the Pro Shop or to Lady Members at 8 to 8.30am, playing partners will be arranged for you and you will be most welcome. Last Wednesday’s 9 hole event was a Single Stableford on the back nine and, of the 5 competitors, the event was won by Judy Turnbull with 14 points. Runner-up on 11 points was Susie Quilty. Friday’s Single Par and 1st of the 4/6 comp was won in A Grade by Daphne Hinshaw +2, and Suzanne Scott was r/up with Square. Chris Harris was B Grade winner -1 c/b from Lyn Bartley. NTPs were taken by Trish Hall – Tom’s Chinese Restaurant 3 and also Kitchen to Table 10, Chris Harris – Retireinvest 3/2, Helen Collins – Peter Campbell Physiotherapy 9, Suzanne Scott – Yamba’s Fisho 12, Jeannie Doolan – Wato’s Fish & Burgers 17 and Gail Scobie – Yamba Pharmacy 17/2. Saturday attracted 8 players in the Ladies’ comp and the winner was Julie Campbell with 36 points. Julie also won the NTP on 12 and r/up was Jane Bonner on a c/b with 32 points. Pauline McKinnon