Jen Axon is South Grafton Major Singles Champion

ABOVE: Jen Axon 2015 SGWBC Major Singles champion.
ABOVE: Jen Axon 2015 SGWBC Major Singles champion.


Tuesday June 16
Pretty ordinary sort of day with plenty of cloud cover, but good enough to get two more Championship rounds completed, alongside five rinks of social bowlers. The results of all matches were as follows:
Club championship major singles semi final: A Bunn d P Lollback 25-21 (Marker E McKew).
Club championship pairs R10: M Williams, J Axon d B Robinson, G Ryan 18-13.
Social bowls: D Rankin, S Mandelc, C Smidt d E Lee, D Fitzsimmons, C Nixon 17-12; J Pholi (Swinging Lead), V Holroyd, E Whitford d J Pholi (SL), M King, G Cupples 14-12; L Graham, L Betts, N Graham d H Nickless, P Harvey, C Kane 21-17 (Lynn scored a resting toucher); M Daley, S Austen, B Essex d M Ford, M Sales, J Kowal 17-14; D Allison, M Andrew d P Knox, I Heppell 19-11.
Winning rink: (5) L Graham, L Betts, N Graham. Runners up ((6) J Pholi, V Holroyd, E Whitford.
Competition winners: E Whitford, S Austen.
Thursday June 18
Though the men had to abandon play due to bad weather, the day before we were greeted with sunny skies and a good Green, with two club championship games and four rinks of social bowlers indicating a pretty good turn up. Though it is good to compete away from home it is good to get back and meet up with everybody again too. The results of all games as follows:
Club championship Major singles final: In a tight see-sawing game that could have gone either way Jen Axon and Anna Bunn fought it out to the last couple of ends where Jen managed to get on top by three shots. Great game ladies, deserved champions both. The final score was J Axon d A Bunn 25-22 (Marker N Graham).
Club championship Triples R1 – B Ford, E McKew, M Andrew d P Knox, D Fitzsimmons, C Smidt 22-12.
Social bowls: M Sales, G Cupples d M King, H Nichols 15-14; M Gallagher, J Kowal, G Ryan d I Gough, J Gebetsberger, R Hodge 14-11; E Casson (Swinging Lead), D Allison, P Lollback d E Casson (SL), J Pholi, E Whitford 19-10 (Dee Allison scored a resting toucher); D Rankin, B Robinson, I Heppell d V Holroyd, G Linaker, C Kane 26-9.
Winning rink: (6) D Rankin, B Robinson, I Heppell.
Runners up: (1) M King, H Nichols.
Competition winners: G Cupples, P Knox. D McLachlan