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Japanese exchange students come to Maclean as part of Lions International Youth Exchange Program

Picture taken at the lookout at Brooms Head (l-r)  Kazuki Kajizuka and Marin Kita.
Picture taken at the lookout at Brooms Head (l-r) Kazuki Kajizuka and Marin Kita.
  The Maclean Lions Club recently hosted two Japanese exchange students for a 10 day stay in Maclean. The students Marin (18) and Kazuki (16) stayed with members of the Lions Clubs, PDG Alan Cunningham and Maureen. They were also shown around our area by other members of the Lions Club. PDG Deyann McDonnell and Lion Colleen Greenwood took Marin and Kazuki to Yamba from where they caught the ferry to Iluka for a return trip. During their visit to Yamba they spent time at Whiting Beach, had a tour of the Backpackers Hostel (thank you to the owners of the Hostel for providing this glimpse of what is available to backpackers in Yamba), were interviewed by Nancy Bain on 2TLC community radio and then visited the Yamba Primary School where they spoke to the children of a Year 1 class and made origami boxes and cranes for the students. The Youth enjoyed a visit to Iluka with Lion George and Josie Priddle, stopping on the way to visit Shark Bay, Woody Heads and the Iluka Bluff. Prior to going to Iluka George and Josie took them up to the Maclean Lookout and on the way home they stopped to have a look at the gallery at Ferry Park. Lion Ken and Marie Crampton provided a tour of the Wooli and Minnie Water area and they were able to see a whale, although from a distance. Lion Brian and Lion Robin took Marin and Kazuki for a car ferry ride across to Lawrence and on the off chance of a tour, they stopped in at the Big River Dairy. A tour was able to be arranged at short notice, thank you to the dairy staff. From there they travelled into Grafton and had a look at one of our Cathedrals and had a walk across the Grafton Bridge. There was also time for them to do a bit of shopping at Grafton Shopping World. PDG Alan and Maureen took Marin and Kazuki up to Ballina where they visited the Navy Museum, had a tour of Ballina Manor and visited Thursday Plantation. A trip to Brooms Head and lunch by the beach was an enjoyable trip, although there was a wind chill factor to contend with. They were also taken for a weekend visit to Coffs Harbour where they (along with Alan and Maureen’s grandson Boan) were able to visit the Solitary Islands Aquarium and enjoy the entertainment provided by the Marine Magic facility. Kisses from a seal and a dolphin were met with much laughter. Boan also introduced Marin and Kazuki to handball and boomerang throwing. Kazuki cooked an side dish for dinner one night, Chirashizushi which is something that is usually served on special occasions. Marin performed a tea ceremony for Alan and Maureen. The Lions International Youth Exchange Program allows youth aged 15 to 21 to visit many countries around the world for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. This visit may be staying with a family or families in their home or taking part in a Youth Camp (16 to 22 years of age), it can also be a combination of both. Youth from other countries come to Australia in the middle of the year or over the Christmas holiday period and youth from Australia travel over their summer holidays. For information on this program please visit and/or or contact your local Lions Club. Alan Cunningham