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Councillors and local resident at road opening. Image: contributed

James Creek Road sealing completed ahead of schedule

A $675,000 project to seal the final 1km of the gravel section of James Creek Road has been completed three weeks early and on budget.

The completion of the James Creek Road project was welcomed by Mayor Cr Simmons at an official opening on Tuesday October 22.

“We know that road improvements are a priority for our community. And we are delighted that this final section of James Creek Road has been completed early and on budget.

Council’s civil works staff are to be congratulated on a job well done and I am sure the local residents are very pleased with the outcome. We understand we have a huge road network that requires ongoing maintenance and we are determined to identify funds for continued road improvement works,” he added.

“The sealing of James Creek Road has been a priority for our Lower Clarence community for many years and I am more than pleased to see Council’s staff have now commenced works on the sealing of McIntyres Lane (Gulmarrad), another high priority project for our community and council,” said Mayor Simmons.