Impressive scores in 6th GNSW Monthly Medal at Yamba

Lowest scores seen for a long time were recorded at Yamba Golf Course on Wednesday last when Lee Daley won A Grade with a great 68 net, as well as putting with 29. Helen Collins was runner-up in A Grade with 71 net and Helen also won the gross with 88c/b. Another impressive score of 69 net saw Verna Wright win B Grade and the gross with 97. Runner-up was Meg Kulmar with 73 net and Meg also was the best putter with 31. Ball run-down was to 76c/b and the overall putting winner of a voucher on Café Marina was Lee Daley. Pin winners were Lee Daley – 3- Yamba Medical Centre, July Palich – 3/2 – Yamba Florist, Helen Collins – 9 – Yamba Pro Shop, Magda Cawthorne – 10 -Yamba Fair Butchery, Tina Earp – 12 – the Shoe Boutique, Lorraine Bentley (recently taken of the “sick list”) – 17 – Clovelly Fashions, and Lesley Love – 17/2 – The Block. John Wright’s Free Lesson was won by Irene Williams. Also played each Wednesday is a “9 hole event” which is designed to encourage new golfers to hone their skills on the course until they feel confident enough to join in the Wednesday 18 hole events. Among the 15 players to-day were Payu Jupipit and Glynis Hall who scored on quite a few holes. These two ladies plan on playing together in the 9 hole Foursomes on September 1 and best wishes are extended to them for this game. Winning to-day’s 9 holes was Val Bofinger with 15 points. Good luck as well to all 9 hole for their Championship rounds to be played on September 16 and 23. Winners of the card draws were: new sponsor Sweet & Spicy – Dot Latham, Civic Video – Verna Wright, The Friendly Grocer – Dulcie Nurse, Priceline Pharmacy – Wendy O’Brien, The Mexican – Lynne Macfarlane, The Corner Store – Lorraine Luckie and Yamba Florist – Margaret Solomon. The raffle which was kindly donated by Carrie Aitken, raised $110.50 for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Appeal and was gratefully won by yours truly. 39 ladies played a Single Stableford when the winner was Di Sweetman 38 from Jane Bonner 37. Balls went to 32c/b and pin winners were Jenny Muir – 3 – Tom’s Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Trish Gosling – 3/2 – Retireinvest, Jean Whitby – 9 – Peter Campbell Physiotherapy, Jenifer Fagan – 10 – Kitchen to Table, Lesley Love – 12 – Yamba’s Fisho, Janelle Carpenter – 17 – Wato’s Fish & Burgers and Jennifer Dewar 17/2 – Yamba Pharmacy. Kathy Parker was the winner of Saturday’s 18 holes with 31 points. Next Friday will be the final round of the 2bbb-v-Par Knockout and will be played between Meg Kulmar and Helen Collins –v- Carolyn Chester and Pauline McKinnon. Pauline McKinnon