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Iluka Ladies Golf GIMY Day

The Ladies Golf GIMY Day (Grafton, Iluka, Maclean and Yamba) was held at Iluka Golf Club on Wednesday, June 23. Once again the weather gods shone on us and we had a cool, but clear day for our annual inter club Ladies Day with players enjoying the company and sometimes even the golf. We played a 4BBB Stableford Winners: Marlene Roberts & Kathy Parker 47; 1st runners up: Lorraine Whitehouse & Carolyn Aitkin 41, 2nd runners up: Helen McFarlane & Deb Rapp 40 on c/b, 3rd runners up: Pat Shepherd & Jane Bonner 40, 4th runners up: Millie Harris & Jennifer Fagan 39 on c/b, 5th runners up: Sally Christoe & Helen Packwood 39. NTPs: 1/10 Chris Forrester & Lorraine McLaughlin; 6/15 Jennifer Fagan & Millie Harris; 8/17 Lyn Briggs & Val George. Ball Rundown to 38: Julie White & Glynis Hall, Chris Kembrey & Gai Leeson, Patti Bond & Gail Knell, Chris Cavallo & Robyn Wilkes, Robyn Brockwell & Gwen Finlayson. Nature walk: Liz Smith & Margaret Solomon. Raffle winners: Gwen Finlayson, Jan Ellery, Dianne Moore, Robyn Wilkes, Lyn Briggs, Ann Dean, Helen Cock. 100 Club winners: Glen Czarnota, Julie Vernol, and Chris Kembrey. Painting raffle: Chris Cowan. Following a nice warm soup for lunch, afternoon tea was available during the presentations, and then the raffles rounded out a very enjoyable day. We must congratulate and thank our President Merrilyn, Captain Sandra, and all the committee for their hard work in making the day run smoothly and we look forward to next year’s GIMY Day at Maclean. Pat Shepherd