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Happy Paws Haven Update

Not long now until Daylight saving starts! Time is flying by! Not something that we look forward to at Happy Paws Haven as the animals are use to the days natural cycles, suddenly man changes everything artificially, upsetting all the routines and just as everything settles and they are used to the change we change it back again. Not a lot to report, not enough rain as yet, it seems to pass us by.

We are still looking for volunteers. We have an excellent cat team, but our dog volunteers are intermittent due to many factors mainly Covid19. We do have one of our volunteers with a severe sprained ankle (not from here) that has put her out of action for at least a week maybe more.  

We still need some people to help us do the dog cabin and cattery renovating. One of the yards has been completed thanks to Christian’s help. He has started on one of the dog cabins, we still have the second yard and cabin to complete. After that we need to go through each yard and fix all the other cabins including their ventilation systems before the really hot weather hits us. There is so much to do and not enough people to help us get it done.

With the bushfire season just round the corner, we are making sure both houses are clear of debris, gutters are clean, pumps are primed and ready etc.

We also need to build a shed to house all the equipment we need to access quickly due to evacuating the animals for any reason. We have serviced the fire pump, checked hoses etc. but need to house the crates, cages, food bowls and buckets, litter trays etc. in readiness including PPE for the volunteers and first aid kit in readiness for a quick move. Last year we nearly had to move, it was cancelled when the wind changed, the year before we were evacuated to Trenyar. Let’s hope this year there is no fire at all nearby.


Happy Paws Haven volunteers and members meeting  

Our next members meeting will take place on Sunday October 11 at Happy Paws Haven. As it is during Daylight Saving, our meeting will start at 2.30pm and finishing by about 4.30pm. We would love some numbers, some fresh ideas to assist us move forward in this new environment caused by Covid-19. If you would like to become a member of Happy Paws Haven, contact to get a membership application to fill out, bring it to the meeting. You will need to bring $20 membership fee. We need new ideas for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. We need a new fund-raising team, people to write our animal stories and what we do for social media so come and join us and contribute to the Team at HappyPaws Haven where all ideas are good ideas!


Rescues and surrenders

We are trying to limit the number of animals being rescued as you know! Our restrictions are not only financial but also due to vet availability, as well as our need to restrict capacity to keep our numbers down due to Covid and the impact on our donations. Our numbers are still down. Including these new dogs our numbers of animals on site are: 33 dogs and 37 cats giving us a total of 70 animals which is the lowest we have ever been.


Cats and kittens for adoption this week:

We get all cats vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. We have adopted out well over 1200 cats over the last 12 years and only a very very small percentage having developed any illness as a result of the change in environment but now we are being extremely careful. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. Our Rehoming number is 251000043

Mishka and her brother were handed in by a rescuer who found them in the bush near her home, as she already had a number of cats, she decided it was best for them to come into care. She thought they were not weaned at the time therefore needed constant feeding, we soon found out that they were happily eating special baby cat soft food on their own. Mikhail has got a wonderful loving home already so it is Mishka’s turn. She like all our kittens, is extremely playful affectionate loving kitten, but not suitable for children under 5 as kittens are naughty mischievous and fragile. She has been chipped, immunised and desexed ready for her new home. 991003000593917

Looking for gentle loving cat? Angelo came to us in a box with two tabby males his black sister and his Mum at the end of 2017. They had been dumped due to their owner becoming homeless we were told. They could not fend for themselves. They were covered in fleas bloated with worms and very dehydrated to point where we were not sure whether they would make it. Miraculously they made it through with their mother’s loving help. They have grown up to be beautiful affectionate mischievous cats, we now only have Angelo left to find a wonderful loving home. 900079000382749

Toshi and her three siblings came at the same time as Erica and her family. They were found out near Clarence Way not far from a creek in the bush, they were young and friendly not at all wild. They were picked up put in a box and left at our gate with the hope we would find them before the dogs or the eagles. They are only slightly younger than Erik and his siblings. All are black with little tiny tufts of white in their ears or their chest or under their chin with the exception of Toshi, she is black and white. There is only Toshi and Torin left to find a loving home either together or separately. They are all very friendly affectionate young cats. They are all desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, regularly wormed and deflead ready for their new homes. 900079000382720


Dogs for adoption for this week:

We get all dogs vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. All dogs are also tested to make sure that they do not have heart worm. We have rescued and adopted out well over 1300 dogs over the last 12 years. Our Rehoming number is 251000043

Dipak is a part of this year’s D-Team, they came in towards the end July. The young couple was having trouble coping, she was pregnant and they already had 4 un-desexed dogs of their own and just could not afford to look after the pups and they did not have the space for them too. Due to too many pups, poor nutrition, lack of space and sunlight, these pups were in a bad way. They had trouble walking, their ribs and hip bones showing and their tummies bloated due to worms. They could not afford to get them all chipped, wormed or immunised to rehome them. Dr Ray checked them not long after they arrived; we treated them with high quality food, colostrum, Panacur for the worms, Vitamin C, and space to learn to play in the sun. They are now all very happy healthy, playful, affectionate pups and everyone is surprised with the change that has taken place. We now only have 2 left due to their lovely natures. They are of course desexed, chipped, vaccinated and treated for all the normal parasites as all our animals are. 991003000593885

Hi my name is Red, I am not entirely sure what breeds my parents were some say there might be a little bit of Lab, a Little bit Ridgeback and maybe some staffy but who knows what else. I love people, their kids but I am very choosy about dogs I associate with.  I really prefer not to share unless I have too. I love to play with toys and balls, and run in the park but I am not overly active, I sit when I am told and come to my name, sometimes I even shake hands but I have been told we can’t do the at the moment because of this thing called Covid whatever that is?. I have been desexed, microchipped, immunised and been treated for the usual parasites. I really would love a home of my own, to have my own human and would love to be someone’s best mate 900079000630579

Vinnie arrived from Casino with his brother, their owner and trainer is elderly and has now retired so to help him out we volunteered to take two of his beautiful boys. Like all greyhounds they love to have a play and zoom first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon. In between they prop and stop, becoming couch potatoes. These two young men are very well behaved, quiet, affectionate, gentle loving dogs. They would be very suitable as a companion to anyone regardless of their age and wellbeing. They are great pets for anyone with a bad back as you don’t need to bend down to groom them give them a stroke or a gentle pat. As ex-racing dogs I would not trust them with small dogs or cat etc.  They love being around humans and are low maintenance dogs as they do not require much exercise. They have been desexed, immunised and have a micro-chip. They also have been wormed and treated for all our common parasites. 956000008687486


HappyPaws Haven is open seven days a week for animal adoptions. Phone: Sally on 0419 404 766 or 6644 9936 seven days a week, email Sally on or visit HappyPaws at


Sally Rogers